The Artworks of Stephen Wessells

I am a painter for life. The concept of an artists’ journey becomes concrete when you’re standing there with a palette knife about to drip paint and you have to put it on the canvas and create. This journey unfolds as internal and external forces whip me into what sometimes feels like a painting frenzy. It’s a thrilling process driven by instincts, impulse and experience. I especially enjoy painting on large canvases as it adds a sense of freedom and exploration to the creative process and leads to more powerful art. My paintings are completely open to interpretation as viewers’ reactions help me gauge the progress of my journey.

"... currently featured at ART 2 art Gallery"


“Stunning dramatic art; large and lively, beautifully composed and executed.”

Cynthia S.

“Steve’s two panel painting perfectly completes our great room.  It gets constant compliments.”

Jill H.

“Steve’s large art is a fantastic ice breaker for my new clients.”

Henry B.

“I like Walruses, they’re crazy.”

Stephen W.